1090 Sample Cooler - Single or Dual Stream

Ships 9 Weeks ARO
640.00 Ounces

The Series 1000 Sample Coolers are our moderate capacity thermoelectric coolers. Providing a self-regulated 4.0°C dew point gas sample, the 1000 Series Coolers condense the water from a wet gas sample with a minimal loss of the water soluble gas fraction. This results from the unique design of the heat exchangers. The separation occurs in the impingers which have a highly polished cylindrical surface cooled by thermoelectric Peltier devices to the desired dew point temperature. These impingers are available in variety of materials including Stainless Steel, Kynar/Glass, and Hastelloy. The gas sample is brought to the bottom of the cylinder through an insulated tube and allowed to rise through a narrow annular area at a relatively high Reynolds number to insure the entire sample is influenced by the cold surface. The condensate flows down the cold polished surface in the form of a sheet (as opposed to droplets or the bubbling of the gas sample through the condensate) which minimizes the surface area in contact with the gas sample.

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