600 Series Cooler

288.00 Ounces

The Series 600 Mini-Coolers are our least expensive and most compact thermoelectric coolers providing a self-regulated 4.0°C dew point sample gas ready for analysis. Designed with the OEM System Integrator in mind, this device can be either plate or panel mounted and can contain one or two 5” impingers which are cooled passively (to ambient) and/or actively controlled using thermoelectric Peltier devices. The unit’s heat sinks can be cooled using either ambient air or a continuous supply of water. The unit provides a 0-1VDC signal output proportional to the sample temperature between 0-50oC. If the optional water slip sensor is included, two relay outputs are provided to indicate water slip. An externally mounted 12, 15, or 24VDC power supply is required and is offered as an accessory by Universal Analyzers.

  • Condensate Carry-Over Sensor Input
  • Alarm Contact:  Moisture
  • LED Status Indicators: Cooling, Dry
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Standard Voltage 12-24 VDC

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